Solved: Can't get Tunnelblick and config files working at all


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Used to have everything running fine for a couple years but then I recently had to re-install my OSX from scratch and now I can't get anything to work.

Installed Tunnelblick 3.3 from link on your Member Area / Download page
Downloaded the following from the members area as well: 152.40 KB 08/30/13

1.) Unzipped to desktop
2.) Selected the "I Have Config Files" when Tunnelblick started up
3.) Selected OpenVPN Configuration Files at next prompt
4.) Copied all Config files and key files from unzipped folder to new Tunnelblick created folder called 'Empty Tunnelblick VPN Configuration'
5.) Renamed 'Empty Tunnelblick VPN Configuration' to 'Empty Tunnelblick VPN Configuration.tblk' (without the quotes of course
6.) Double Click the newly renamed folder and get the following error: "
The configuration file in PP Config.tblk has a 'ca' option with file 'ca.crt' which cannot be found. The file must be included in the Tunnelblick VPN Configuration (.tblk)."

Do I just manually remove the line referencing the 'ca' option? Or is there another problem?

PP Daniel

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you are using the wrong configuration files. You need to download the Tunnelblick version of the OpenVPN configuration files, also available on the Download page (rightmost option). This .zip file contains a .tblk file in the new Tunnelblick configuration format. Just doubleclick this file, and you will get asked if you want to add the configuration to Tunnelblick once per configuration contained in the file. It's actually really easy to set up this way.
I really love the new Tunnelblick :)