Answered: Bypassing VPN Tunnel For A Specific App


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I use the PP Vpn Manager on Windows7 . What changes do I exactly need to make in the firewall for a specific application to connect directly to the Internet, without going through the vpn and without messing things and without compromising my security for everything else?


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Port forwarding
When you are connected to the VPN, Perfect Privacy protects you from malicious incoming connections by using a NAT firewall. Port forwarding allows you to open services that would otherwise be blocked by the VPN server. For example, port forwarding lets you increase torrent download speeds, share game servers with others, or access your computer on the go.


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Thanks for your replies.

But as PP Vpn Manager is preventing any internet traffic to bypass the VPN tunnel in setting specific rules in the windows Firewall, I thought I coud be possible for a specific app to bypass the tunnel in modifying these rules and/or adding some exceptions in the FW...

-> To PP Staff: I would like very much that the VPN Manager itself could handle whitelisting of apps and of IP's.
It's possible with several other VPN providers (they name that "splitted connection"