Answered: BBC iPlayer


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Hi. I'm new here do please laugh along
Punch-----> running ipsec. currently
---->uk servers
-----> error on selecting content , will not play

Any tips or solid advice , earn a beer n steak lunch


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Ok, I'll simplify my question can I stream bbc iPlayer content with PP , this is my only must have

I dont stream netfix or any another service, but wife likes 2 British shows , eastenders etc, its very unfortunate , but I will have to use another service if this doesn't work😬


@Arizona use with Zurich1, 2 or 3 VPN or Proxy Server.
Teleboy is an Switzerland streaming Service but it includes free streams for BBC, ITV and other british channels as well ;)
You have to register for it, but its free. You don't need to buy premium to watch, it works in free mode as well.
All you need is an switzerland IP and it works well with Perfect-Privacy.