AUR package for Linux client?


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Can we get an AUR package for the Linux client? I like this VPN but I also like Manjaro a lot more than Ubuntu and I'm not going back. Unfortunately this means I can't use the client without fucking around trying to re-roll the .deb. Can you please consider doing this? Manjaro is a big distro now, #2 on DistroWatch behind Mint and ahead of Ubuntu.


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@PP Frank @PP Lars
Es wird langsam mal Zeit, dass ihr wenigstens ein Statement abgebt.
Es ist schon eine verdammte Frechheit wie ihr das Thema Linux einfach extrem dreist ignoriert.
Vor allem da es schon dutzende Threads zu dem Thema gibt, wo einfach keine Antwort von euch kommt.
Support 0/10, absolut grottig

Legt die Karten gefälligst auf den Tisch. Wie sehen euere Pläne für Linux aus?
Von mir aus sagt dass ihr einen FICK auf Interessen dieser Nutzer gebt.
Dann weiß man wenigstens, dass man sich nicht weiter verarscht fühlen muss!


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There is no way to tell if your connection via terminal ist still running or having issues.
With the Client it will indicate a failure with a yellow icon in the task bar.

Also I don't want to have a terminal window running open the whole time!
With cascading you even need more windows ...

I am paying good money for this service, so I expect som service from PerfectPrivacy!
A software manager that can handle openvpn cascading and Stealth VPN is not complicated.


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You could add a firewall rule that drops all traffic except tunneled via VPN.

perfect-privacy-vpn.deb 345.12 KB
Version: 1.3.14
Last updated: Dec 12, 2019, 10:51:21 AM UTC

Looks pretty up to date too.

Ubuntu/Debian based distros are more spread then arch but you can convert deb to aur like this:

Arch users in general are more experienced so they can help them self mostly.


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Thing is, if you can compile your program for Ubuntu, you can also compile it for arch and every other distro!
It is 0.000000000001% more work. One click! it is one single click.
Otherwise they can also just make their code OpenSource on Gitlab. Anything to hide?
Then everyone can compile it and even make it better for


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Thing is converting a deb into aur is one line in terminal. Next there is a FreeBSD guy or a open BSD guy who wants a port and in the end every single port must be maintained. With Windows and Debian based distros 99% is covered.

OpenVPN is opensource and you are free to code an own GUI Manager if you like. As mentioned before: Networkmanager and many others are already there.


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I tried before and just tried again converting the .deb with debtap, but it doesn't seem to work. Should somebody get it to work, thanks for posting it.