Discussion in 'Windows' started by Katsu, May 7, 2019.

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    I've noticed the default encryption in the Windows application is AES256-CBC.

    From what I can see on the web, AES256-GCM replaced AES256-CBC with OpenVPN > 2.4 , is less ressources consuming and also less vulnerable to some kind of attacks. I can't state these myself, as said it's obon what I've found.

    But if all of these are true, is there any reason or preference to use AES256-CBC as default choice?

    Is there any drawback to use AES256-GCM instead AES256-CBC with perfect-privacy?

    Thank you.
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    Katsu New Member

    If anyone have an opinion about it, I'm still interested. I'm also interested for an answer from perfect privacy team about the default choice for AES256-CBC instead AES256-GCM

    Thank you.
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    tiger2000 Member

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    Katsu New Member


    Yes, I've seen this article which lead me to make this post.

    If AES-GCM is more secure (aka less vulnerable to some attacks as written in the article), why it is not the default choice in the Windows PP app?
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