Answered: 3 Weeks without response to ticket.


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Hi There,
I am a paying customer but have on multiple occasions, experienced unacceptably slow responses (taking at least one week for a response) to my tickets.
I believe that for the price I am paying, this latency on Perfect Privacy's end is absolutely unacceptable; two or three days is acceptable but weeks without even acknowledgement of the ticket being noted by a human on multiple occasions is unacceptable. Free services provide better and more competent support.

My ticket ID is 1,632 and it was posted on December 19.

Earlier this year, I contacted you about the same problem but experienced the same, frustratingly slow customer support who failed to resolve my issue.

Please provide me with service for my ticket; my frustration is justified.
Hi, @Zach I'm sorry it took so long time to help you. We were a little understaffed during the Christmas season and then we had several sick days afterwards. I hope you will forgive us :angel:


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I did not get an answer either to a ticket that I wrote on 31.12.2019
But i guess theyre just busy af
I guess they are busy. But three weeks without any response or acknowledgement and multiple other occasions of weeks (once exceeding three weeks) without any support and no resolution to my problem is unacceptable.

[edit]: In addition, it doesn't matter how busy you are, when you pay that much for a year's subscription, I expect support within 3 business days, not 3 weeks.