1. PP Daniel

    Know-How: How can I perform a check which TrackStop filters are activated for my VPN connection?

    Of course for this to work our VPN servers have to be used as DNS servers. While the VPN connection exists, in the commandline ("cmd") or console enter nslookup -type=txt . If applicable the answer includes the activated TrackStop filters and for example looks like...
  2. PP Daniel

    Tipps & Tricks: Wie kann ich prüfen welche TrackStop-Filter für meine VPN-Verbindung aktiv sind?

    Damit dies funktioniert müssen natürlich zwingend unsere VPN-Server als DNS-Server genutzt werden. Bei bestehender VPN-Verbindung in der Kommandozeile ("cmd") oder in der Konsole nslookup -type=txt eingeben. Die Antwort beinhaltet ggf. die aktivierten...
  3. P

    TrackStop - Wrong Blocking

    Hi. TrackStop is blocking a legitimate website: Best Regards. P.
  4. R

    Know-How: OpenVPN + TrackStop Ad Blocker on Asus Router

    Given the growing problem with ads, I created a guide for blocking ads and tracking via Perfect Privacy on a router (with the TrackStop filter). The guide also includes all Asus routers that work with Perfect Privacy.