1. PP Daniel

    First VPN server with 10 gigabit/s bandwidth

    Some of you maybe already noticed the new server in Amsterdam: We are happy to be able to announce the first VPN server with 10 gigabit/s (10.000 megabit/s) in our portfolio! 😁 Hopefully it performs well and you like it.
  2. PP Daniel

    Erster VPN Server mit 10 Gigabit/s Bandbreite

    Einigen ist der neue Server in Amsterdam eventuell bereits aufgefallen: Wir sind erfreut den ersten VPN Server mit 10 Gigabit/s (10.000 MBit/s) in unserem Portfolio bekanntgeben zu können! 😁 Performt und gefällt Euch hoffentlich.
  3. J

    Answered: Are the Amsterdam servers blocked by ?

    It appears that (RD) has blocked the Amsterdam servers. When connected to Amsterdam.ovpn, streaming in Kodi from RD links fails. If for example 15 RD links are listed in a Kodi addon, they are all skipped and the first non-premium link starts playing. When not connected to a...